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Welcome to CSR Minneapolis

We're asking questions, and creating comprehensive lists to help people navigate Community, Services, & Resources.


An Introduction

The CSR Direct Project is the name for this concept for a new nonprofit that I began developing in 2010.  CSR Minneapolis is the first population demographic developed for what could be called the CSR Minnesota Project & Network.  The over all goal is Helping people navigate Community, Service & Resource information throughout the state of Minnesota.

I was one person, just starting to develop this very new concept for a nonprofit business, so the work had to be prioritized.  I was, and still am living in Minneapolis.

The western metropolitan Twin Cities is arguably the largest population demographic in Minnesota.  Also referred to as Hennepin, Carver and Scott counties.

So, the Goal here is serving all of Minnesota.  Helping all of the people in Minnesota navigate Community, Services and Resources by asking questions of all of us.  Questions like what are we doing, how are we doing it, and (wait for it....) are we getting it done!  This is where the word "Direct" in our name becomes relevant by asking when are going to get it done!


It was because I was in the Minneapolis shelter system that I began to do this work.  United Way was not, and is not the First Call for Help for most all of us labeled "homeless!"  If United Way was actually serving the people most in need, the "Handbook of the Streets" would not have been developed, printed and handed out to those staying in the shelter system.  Both, for Minneapolis and St Paul.  The spark for the CSR Direct Project, and the development of the CSR Minneapolis Resource and Web Development came from my own need to be proactive.  I created a Google Calendar for select Free Community Meals so I could coordinate my travels throughout the day.  I had already decided not to continue developing my Web Design business, and thought "why keep this kind of information to myself?"  So, I began developing this vision that is bigger and more comprehensive than what anyone else has developed.

Community Services & Social Justice 

I began doing this work because it was the "Right Thing to Do!"  And, as I began to envision this idea, I had to continue to use my intuition.  The same intuition that help me to more than survive being born into a domestic violence family system.  And, raised in an alcoholic family system.  Because of what happened inside my family, I was sexually molested outside the family when participating in the Boy Scouts.  Multiple boys were molested because of the pedophile that was allowed to groom victims within our time in the Boy Scouts.  So, this Project Development is more than just about community resource listings for "those" people.  The vision is Community Service and Social Justice for all of us.

Much more content & information on the way...  

David Jordahl, October 21, 2019

David Jordahl, developer of the CSR Direct Project. Working daily at the Ridgedale Library.

David Jordahl, developer of the CSR Direct Project. Working daily at the Ridgedale Library.


CSR MN Forums


This is a separate online website dedicated to providing and facilitating community news, information and discussion about any given subject.

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Podbean Podcasts


Podbean is one of the Podcast social media sites online.  This site hosts digital audio content for distribution and sharing.  Podcasts will be embedded on this site.

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Meet Up Group

Meet Up Group for organizing meetups and gatherings.

Meet Up is all about using Social Media as a tool to physically get together.  This platform seems made for our Project goals supporting Community Meetings, Truth and Reality.

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Facebook Page


Facebook is arguably the most popular social media site online.  With Personal Profiles, Business Pages, and Community Groups.  It is the more comprehensive of all the social media.

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YouTube Channel


YouTube is by far the most visited Video channel online.  Here we will post videos that help articulate what we're doing and share more information about our listings.


Hennepin County

Hennepin County is arguably the largest demographic population in the state of Minnesota.  And is part of the western metropolitan Twin Cities, Minnesota.


Carver County

Carver county is the most western community comprising the western metropolitan Twin Cities, Minnesota.


Scott County

Scott county is the most southern community comprising the western metropolitan Twin Cities, Minnesota.