Welcome to the CSR Minneapolis Blog

 Our blog is here to provide important & interesting news, resource development updates & corrections, as well as stories of the people in our community!  

Please let us know what kind of news subjects you would like us to investigate and post here.  Tell us what resource subjects that are important to you, that is in need of research, or correction.  And, let us know what kinds of people, or specific individuals who's stories you would like us to share.

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CSR Mpls Forum

 CSR Mpls Forum is specifically for general discussion topics for the CSR Minneapolis web presence online.  Starting with the CSR Mpls web development, as well as the Blog subjects and content.  Anything that is not covered (yet) in the other forums listed on the CSR MN Forums website.  The community is welcome to register on the CSR MN Forums website, and look for opportunities to join in the discussion.

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About the CSR Minneapolis Blog

Below, we will continue to explain and define the type of content you can expect to find on the CSR Minneapolis Blog.  If you would like to write a blog piece, please contact us at or call 763-301-2362 to let us know of your interest. 

Guidelines regarding writing content for the blog will continue to be developed as the website also continues to develop.


About CSR Minneapolis

This is a very new Project, and this is a very new website development.  So, we will work to continue to explain, as well as demonstrate just what CSR Minneapolis is here to do for you.

Special Community Events

It might be a community meeting that we will facilitate regarding this work, and resource development.  It might be an announcement about free movies available in the near future, or something similar.  We will write blog posts for announcing community events with details for clarity and trust.

Advocacy & Fundraiser Events

One of our most important values is to support community participation and involvement.  We will facilitate announcing Advocacy & Fundraiser events that fall within our values & guidelines.  Because the CSR Direct Project is here to only support individual, as well as community sobriety.  There are specific restrictions when it comes to supporting Advocacy & Fundraiser Events.

Web Development

This is the forth recreation of the CSR Minneapolis website.  We plan to update you on changes we make as we make them.  Especially, if they are major changes that may potentially confuse or frustrate visitors to this website.  Social Media will be referenced and explained as needed.

Resource Development

Because all this work first started with one particular resource listing, we will continue to develop the resource listings.  And then, update you in a blog post about that resource subject.  Especially in the beginning, we will be periodic with these blog posts to establish a pattern the community can expect going forward.

CSR Direct Project

On occasion, you will find blog posts about what the CSR Direct Project is here to provide the community.  As well as the latest updates on development.


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