The CSR Direct Project

 CSR Minneapolis is part of the Minnesota Project & Network.  Creating the most comprehensive and reliable resource listings, while facilitating community coordination and collaboration for the state of Minnesota.  The Minnesota Network is all of us that work together to help and support Minnesota residents to be more accurately informed and genuinely connected.

It is also a Service and Product of the CSR Direct Project.  

As the developer of all this work, I can answer any questions or concerns that you may have.   As well as listen to feedback and concerns regarding this work and our community.

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 A Big Thank You to Greg T, our current sponsor covering the minimal expenses for all the websites associated with this work.  This totals $90/month.  

Over the past 9 years, during this unusual development process, I have received 2 Microgrants, Letters of Recommendation, and many other donations.


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The CSR Direct Project

Please call or text 763-301-2362