December Holiday Meals & Events

Christmas Day is a national holiday, although it seems to fly in the face of "Separation of Church & State."  For those "most in need", Christmas Day National Holiday is one of the toughest times of the year.  Not because of the lack for means to buy gifts for everyone.  But, because those that are labeled "homeless" do not have the usual places to go, and be somewhere out of the weather.


NOTICE (12/24/19)

As much as I wanted to get started early (and did start), make this years holiday listings more complete than ever before.  I must apologize for waiting until the last minute before "doing whatever I can" to make these listings as complete as possible.

My reasons are directly connected with my personal circumstance while developing this Project.  My story of the past nine years is more than interesting.  It is actually compelling in regards to the very backdrop plagues our community.  The social failure that is "homelessness."   "Homelessness" is a symptom of a sick society.  And, it continues because precious few even begin to look at the deeper social issues enough to do something personal.  I am committed to blogging and podcasting in the near future to say more about this, and other subjects.


This time of year can be fun and/or challenging for most everyone.  For those most in need, it is especially tough.  Not having a place to live, and public buildings being closed for the holidays means having an extra difficult time finding a place to spend time during the day.  There are a few special events, as well as the usual Free Meals that are still open on the actual national holiday.

Help us maintain these listings by letting us know of what is incorrect or missing.

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Holiday's Meals & Events Resources is included in this forum for News, Information and Discussion about Holiday Meals & Events resources in Minnesota.  This is where the whole community is invited to participate with few exceptions.  Those using these these community services are especially encouraged to register with a user name and password.  

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1. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar is meant to show what is going on today, what you might have missed yesterday, and what coming up in the near future.  Direct Link:


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1. Google Calendar

 The Google Map is meant to give visitors a spacial view from above.  Community members can also see where neighborhoods are lacking. 

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3. Google Spreadsheet

3. Google Spreadsheet

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4. & 5. PDF Docs

6. Official Page Listing

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Each Google Spreadsheet will be converted into a printable PDF Short Listing Document. This is also where you will find the PDF Full Listing Document. Direct Links:


6. Official Page Listing

6. Official Page Listing

6. Official Page Listing

 Official Page listing will be more complete, and at the bottom of this page.  We will work to research more of the details, so people can be more aware and prepared with using any given resource. 


7. Free Meals Forum

6. Official Page Listing

6. Official Page Listing

Every resource subject is meant to have an associated Forum & Topics for news, community discussion, participation & collaboration. This Forum Site is brand new, with updates yet to be completed.

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This is where all our PDF documents will be available for anyone in the community to download and /or print.  Or, go to this website page where they are all hosted.

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  • Holiday's PDF Short List – Not yet available...

The Holiday's PDF Short List is meant to be a short list, or quick list desk reference for offices, agencies, and community centers.  The main body of this document is the spreadsheet converted into a PDF document.  The front 2 pages, and the back 2 pages are cover sheets to complete the document, and put all the information in context.  Be mindful of the dates on the cover sheets and the spreadsheet to know if your copy is the most current. Compare against the dates on the spreadsheet.

  • Holiday's Flyers - Not yet available...

Holiday flyers will be created when possible, as handouts to the community, listing only part of the complete list.  These are meant to be a hard copy handout for specific parts of this particular Minnesota demographic.  The downtown Minneapolis neighborhood will be the first demographic to be served.  These flyers are yet to be created.

  • Holiday's PDF Full List - Not yet available...

The Holiday's PDF Full List is meant to be a complete full list desk reference for offices, agencies, and community centers.  It is meant to have all the relevant information needed by anyone that even considers information regarding this subject.  


This is a PDF document from Loaves and Fishes MN that shows information about the service locations in the Twin Cities.


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