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 Because I've been developing this Project while being in the shelter system, I have heard, witness and learned a great deal about our local "housing" services.  This is a very large subject, with many questions and even more twists and turns in the helping community providing these services.  Developing these listings will take a great deal of work, as much to expose just what we are doing here, as it is to provide a genuinely accurate and up to date, trustworthy resource for our people most in need.  Please stay tuned, and even help when you can.

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Housing Forum

Every Resource Subject has a dedicated Forum for News, Information, and Discussion regarding that particular subject.

The Goal here is to provide a place where the community can go to provide input and feedback about current resources provided the community.  There are going to be rules and limitations to make sure the information is accurate, and confirmed or unconfirmed.  We will help lead research to confirm or correct information added online.