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 Public Libraries have had a significant role to play in our social fabric.  We need to keep that role in tact, and not let it become diluted into something that fails to serve our community as we need.  One purpose of a library is to provide a quiet place to read and study.  For many of us, that has not changed!

There are so many social environments that are purely for making noise.

Another purpose for our libraries is to provide a space for it's community members to learn and be educated.  And some use it as a place to conduct business.  These listings will include every type of library open to the public, including local, county, college, University, and any specialty libraries.

Ignorance is not bliss.  

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Live Chat Support

 Live Chat Support is a very important service we want to provide on our websites & social media.  It has key features, and provides valuable connection for all those who need it!  

Currently, Hennepin Libraries have inadvertently blocked this feature as part of their security protocol.  But, if you have a smart phone with data, you should be able to open Live Chat in your phone browser.