Resources for Missing & Exploited People

 So much of society moves with a business as usual mentality, even though there are people missing & exploited right here in Minnesota.  This page is to find a way to make use of our community that cares about subjects like this and others.  Having just visited the website for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children I noticed that adult men & women are also listed there!  Our listings here are to start with those in our local community, and then include others in our region, and more...  

I hope you can help in this work with your feedback & support!

Call or Text 763-301-2362  |  Email:

Missing People Forum

 Live Chat Support is a very important service we want to provide on our websites & social media.  It has key features, and provides valuable connection for all those who need it!  

 Currently, Hennepin Libraries have inadvertently blocked this feature as part of their security protocol.  But, if you have a smart phone with data, you should be able to open Live Chat in your phone browser.