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 The idea of having and using a phone has changed dramatically since the development of the internet and the "smart" phone.  And yet, the need for a phone & phone number with voicemail has not changed.  If anything, it has become even more important, especially with all the other features available and possible on a smartphone.  This page is to list all the resources and options available our to community members, so everyone can be and stay connected and do more, if that's possible.

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Types of Phone & Communication Services

These are communication services that provide immediate send and response communication.


  • Landlines - Hard wired phone connections, and digital phone services.
  • Cell phones - This includes the Federal Lifeline Program.
  • VOIP phone services.


  • Texting through cell phone services.
  • Direct messaging through social media.

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Phones, Texting & Videochat Forum

Phones, Texting & Videochat Resources has a dedicated forum is for News, Information and Discussion about phones, texting and videochat resources.  This is where the whole community is invited to participate with few exceptions.  Those using these these community services are especially encouraged to register with a user name and an email.  We will offer help to those not tech savvy when staff or a volunteer is available to do so.

The Forums Website is at this following address:


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