Welcome to Phones, Texting & Videochat Resources

 The idea of having and using a phone has changed dramatically since the development of the internet and the "smart" phone.  And yet, the need for a phone & phone number with voicemail has not changed.  If anything, it has become even more important, especially with all the other features available and possible on a smartphone.  This page is to list all the resources and options available our to community members, so everyone can be and stay connected and do more, if that's possible.

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Types of Phone & Communication Services

These are communication services that provide immediate send and response communication.


  • Landlines - Hard wired phone connections, and digital phone services.
  • Cell phones - This 
  • VOIP phone services.


  • Texting through cell phone services.
  • Direct messaging through social media.

Live Chat Support

 Live Chat Support is a very important service we want to provide on our websites & social media.  It has key features, and provides valuable connection for all those who need it!  

Currently, Hennepin Libraries have inadvertently blocked this feature as part of their security protocol.  But, if you have a smart phone with data, you should be able to open Live Chat in your phone browser.