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Our podcasts are here to provide important & interesting news, resource development updates & corrections, as well as stories of the people in our community!  
Please let us know what kind of news subjects you would like us to investigate and post here.  Resource subjects that are important to you, that are in need of research, and/or correction.  And, kinds of people, or specific individuals who's stories you would like us to share.

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 The CSR Mpls Podbean Podcast Channel is here to actually give voice to our community, and the happenings, information and issues 

Service Providers and Organizations providing services to our community are especially welcome to contact us about having a conversation in a podcast about their services.  Especially, regarding updates and changes that have recently happened, or about to take place.

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Minnesota Public Radio

Content & opinions of others provided by sources other than the CSR Direct Project is meant to provide inspiration and/or motivation to think about and face important subjects affecting us every day.  More than most of the time, the tone and direction of opinions regarding these subjects will be, more often than not, will be positive.  Meaning, the tone and direction of opinions will align with the philosophies and values of the CSR Direct Project.  However, there will be times where content will be posted and shared that is not in line with these philosophies and values.  But, will be line with facing the truth within our community,  so we can find relief and healing, discover actual solutions, and (as a community) achieve a genuine meaningful success.

  • Minnesota Public Radio provides a local source of news, information and awareness of our community. 
  • On Being with Krista Tippett is an award winning Podcast and Programming attempting to address the big questions of our lives and community.  Her program is nationally known & recognized, but is based in Minneapolis., MN.

There will be times with we will share podcasts on this page, until we can add it or move a given podcast to another page more closely related to the content.


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