Welcome to Victim Services & Resources

There are far more victims, and victim survivors in our community than many, if not most, would admit.  There is a great deal of needless suffering in our world, that can actually be avoided, if more people chose to be more than just survivors.  As the developer of the CSR Direct Project, I know what it is to be born & raised into a legacy of domestic violence and alcoholism. That original abuse and damage set me up to be further abused, by being sexually molested while participating in the Boy Scouts, around age 12 years. As the developer of this Project, I personally know how significant this issue is, as well as how to succeed in recovery from the damage caused by it.  And to live a life of relief and healing outside this system.  This page is to list services & resources to help and facilitate people that want to do the work and take the path to find relief & healing.

Call or Text 763-301-2362  |  Email: victims@csrmpls.info

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